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Auto-Gravimetric Espresso Machines

Auto-Gravimetric Espresso Machines

Gravimetric espresso machines utilize weight measurement to ensure consistency in the extraction process. 

What are Gravimetric Espresso Machines?

Typically, gravimetric (also known as brew-by-weight) espresso machines have a built-in scale that can measure the weight of extracted espresso and have certain offsets to ensure the weight of espresso in the cup is precisely calculated. La Marzocco’s ABR can also build in the workflow of weighing beans before pulling a shot if desired. Gravimetric espresso machines allow baristas to program the machine to automatically stop the extraction process once a certain weight of espresso has been extracted. This results in a precise and consistent espresso shot each time, which is especially important in high-end cafes and specialty coffee shops where both consistency and quality are key.

What are some examples of Gravimetric Espresso Machines?

Victoria Arduino’s Black Eagle Gravimetric, from the name itself, is one such example of a gravimetric or brew-by-weight espresso machine. Brew weight and shot time are prominently displayed above the grouphead, making it easy to track how shots are performing. Similarly, La Marzocco also has what they call Auto Brew Ratio (ABR) where built-in ​​scales are connected to the espresso machine’s electronics system. La Marzocco’s ABR has two modes: Mass Mode where baristas program a desired espresso weight and the machine stops extraction once it has reached the espresso weight, and Ratio Mode where baristas program a brew ratio corresponding to the weight of the coffee grounds and the weight of the espresso shot.