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Super-automatic Espresso Machine

Super-automatic Espresso Machine

You don’t need extensive barista training to make a tasty latté or cappuccino. Super-automatic espresso machines combine the art of traditional espresso making and modern technology, allowing you to craft excellent espresso with a push of a button. At Pro Coffee Gear, we’ve carefully curated a collection of reliable super-automatic espresso machines that will help you kickstart your coffee adventure!

What are Super-Automatic Espresso Machines?

Super-automatic (also known as fully automatic) espresso machines are espresso machines that are designed to automate the entire espresso-drink-making process. These machines feature a built-in grinder, a brewing unit, a milk frother and / or steam wand, and a hot water dispenser that are all operated through a control panel or touch screen.

Most super-automatic espresso machines may also include additional features, such as programmable drink settings, automatic cleaning and maintenance. Some smaller office or home focused models have a small water filtration component.

Why should you choose our Super-Automatic Espresso Machines for your business?

Super-automatic espresso machines are purpose-built to automate the entire espresso beverage making process.

Those who purchase Super-Automatic espresso machines typically fall into the following two categories: A) They operate service establishments (cafe, restaurant, etc) and want to automate as much of the drink making experience. They do this to ensure a repeatable standard of quality, to minimize training and staffing costs, and to increase volume. B) They operate a self-serve model like airports, hotel lobbies, convenience stores, corporate offices, etc. These operators need to make it as easy as possible to make a coffee drink as most users won’t have a clue about how to make espresso on a traditional espresso machine.

What are the disadvantages of Super-Automatic Espresso Machines?

The upfront cost of super-automatic espresso machines are typically considerably higher than traditional espresso machines. They also depreciate at a much more rapid rate and have considerably higher on-going maintenance costs. 

The challenges around maintaining super automatic espresso machines are also different. Whoever is leading the coffee program will need to dial in the grind and create drinks via the machine’s software. This means understanding the many parameters the machine has and how to optimally set them up to get the coffee program they want. 

Espresso drink quality is the final downside of super-automatic espresso machines. Generally speaking, a super-automatic likely won’t produce a better drink than a highly skilled barista using a quality grinder and traditional espresso machine.