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Fiorenzato is one of the fastest growing commercial grinder brands in the world, primarily focused on the needs of commercial coffee. Until several years ago, this Venice based grinder company had been kno... Read More

Buy Fiorenzato Coffee Grinders

Buy Fiorenzato Coffee Grinders

Fiorenzato is one of the fastest growing commercial grinder brands in the world, primarily focused on the needs of commercial coffee. Until several years ago, this Venice based grinder company had been known as the discount oriented junior of the better known Mazzer brand, which is also based near Venice. But in recent years, Fiorenzato has embarked on a massive reinvestment campaign, with the intention of being the global leader in commercial grinders.

Fiorenzato has reinvented itself by bringing their grinder burr production in-house. This has allowed it to adopt a higher grade of steel - M340 grade steel. In 2022 it launched a major redesign of its entire portfolio of grinders, dramatically improving user experience and minimizing grind retention. It was also the first brand to launch an easy-access burr chamber design, and is one of the few grinder brands that has a grind-by-weight variant. In a stark break from the past, Fiorenzato is now known for its ability to rapidly bring new innovations to market.

Fiorenzato coffee grinders come with a wide array of models, including flat burr models like the F64 and F83. It also has pro editions of these models which feature an easy access burr chamber. The XGI series features its patented grind-by-weight feature. It also has the conical style F71 and F71 Pro Models. Fiorenzato also recently launched the All Ground, which is a hybrid burr grinder for the home market. It remains the only serious home grinder made by a commercial grinder brand.

What To Look For In A Coffee Grinder

When choosing a coffee grinder, there are a few important factors to consider to ensure that you select a grinder that will meet your needs. Here are some things to look for:

Burr Size: Larger burrs can grind espresso more efficiently than relatively smaller burrs. However, larger burrs also tend to be higher-priced as they often need larger motors to power the system. Such grinders are ideal for café settings and not the home espresso enthusiast. Regardless of burr size, go for a grinder that grinds consistently across any grind setting.

Burr Material: While stainless steel burrs can last a long time with proper care, it does get dull and damaged after repeated use. In contrast, ceramic burr grinders don’t normally lose their sharpness. Furthermore, since steel can rust, you have to clean your grinder after each use. Ceramics don’t have that problem, so it requires very little maintenance. On the other hand, Steel burrs are more heavy duty, much sharper, and aren’t as brittle as ceramic burrs.

Motor Power: Measured in watts and ranges from roughly 100W to over 400W, more powerful motors have longer duty cycles which basically means they can grind more coffee and usually do it faster. Grinders with lower powered motors often have duty cycles of only 60 seconds then it requires rest for about ten minutes before you can use it again.

Grind by Time vs Grind by Weight: Large hopper grinders typically have two variants in measuring grind volume. Grind-by-time grinders require you to set the amount of time you wish to grind. For instance, 4.5 seconds on a Mahlkonig E65S will produce about 20 grams of coffee for a double shot of espresso within a specific coffee and grind setting. Remember to adjust the time depending on your grind setting or coffee beans. Meanwhile, Grind-by-weight grinders require you to set the desired weight in grams, push the grind button, and a few seconds later, you have exactly the amount of ground coffee you would need in your portafilter.

What Fiorenzato Coffee Grinder Should I buy?

If you’re looking for a commercial grinder, here are some of our solid picks from Fiorenzato:

F64 EVO PRO — this Fiorenzato coffee grinder allows baristas to calibrate espresso recipes with a timed dose set on the touch-screen. This grinder is great for medium-high volume cafés and coffee shops that prioritize efficient and repeatable processes behind the bar.

F64 EVO XGi PRO — This grinder has it all. Efficiency, durability, you name it. It features Fiorenzato’s EVO climate control technology, XGi grind-by-weight technology, and the PRO easy cleaning setup. This grinder is ideal for high-volume coffee shops that require non-stop grinding while maintaining superior espresso quality.

F83 E PRO — The PRO line features a detachable grinding chamber for easy cleaning and its 83mm burrs provide better precision and grind size uniformity compared to small burr sets. It also comes with continuous micrometric grind settings, and a highly-responsive touchscreen display

F83 E XGi PRO — the F83 E XGi PRO incorporates grind-by-weight technology to the F83 E PRO. The Fiorenzato F83 E XGi PRO espresso grinder is ideal for coffee shops looking for a grinder with built-in scales and a larger burr size for more espresso shot precision and capacity.

If you’re looking for a home espresso grinder, you can’t go wrong with the Fiorenzato F4 AllGround. Extremely versatile, it allows you to easily switch between different grind settings. It also features several attractive color options, a touchscreen interface, and 64mm titanium-coated steel burrs that add on to the reliability of this grinder. 

What’s the difference between Flat and Conical Burrs

Flat burrs use two flat rotating disks to crush the beans, resulting in a sweeter and chocolatier flavor profile. However, the high-speed rotation generates heat which can affect the espresso's taste if there’s no cooling system present.

Alternatively, conical burrs use two cone-shaped rings to crush the beans, resulting in a less uniform extraction and a variety of grind and particle sizes. This “inconsistency” in extraction is often praised by experienced baristas as it is believed to enhance the taste of the espresso. Additionally, conical burrs generate less heat and bring out brighter and fruitier notes in the beans.

If you prefer consistency and uniformity in your coffee grinds, a flat burr grinder may be the best option. However, if you prefer a more complex and nuanced flavor profile, a conical burr grinder may be the way to go.