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ProCoffee Gear - Warranty Policy

New Equipment Parts Warranty

Includes commercial espresso machines, brewers and grinders. Warranty covers the replacement of defective parts for up to 12 months after purchase date. Please consult each manufacturer's coverage plans, where available below, for additional coverage above-and-beyond our standard warranty.

Pro Renewed Equipment Parts Warranty

Includes any equipment renewed by Pro Coffee Gear. Warranty covers the provision of defective parts for up to 12 months after purchase date.

What’s covered?

  • This warranty covers parts required to fix any defective materials or workmanship only. Pro Coffee Gear will provide parts that are determined to be defective. This warranty does not cover accidental damage by user, improper use or storage of equipment. Improper use of equipment means uses not intended by the manufacturer, including not maintaining equipment, not using adequately filtered water or operating the machine without adequate water or incorrect installation.
  • Consumable parts such as group head gaskets, shower screens, etc. are not included.
  • Does not cover costs resulting from repairs conducted by non-authorized personnel or Acts of god such as power surges, outages or fire.