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Compak's journey began in 1952 in Barcelona when it was founded by Jesus Ascao. Initially, their focus was on producing high-end craft coffee grinders. Over the years, Compak has added new goals and ob... Read More

Compak Coffee Grinders

Compak Coffee Grinders

Compak's journey began in 1952 in Barcelona when it was founded by Jesus Ascao. Initially, their focus was on producing high-end craft coffee grinders. Over the years, Compak has added new goals and objectives.

Today, Compak remains committed to keeping abreast with coffee industry trends and addressing environmental concerns. They strongly believe in the feasibility of maintaining profitability while being environmentally conscious in their daily practices.

Furthermore, Compak remains dedicated to manufacturing durable and dependable coffee grinders that customers can rely on. Compak coffee grinders are designed to meet the highest expectations by implementing stringent quality standards.

More about Compak Coffee Grinders

Compak is known for their affordable coffee grinders, making them an excellent choice for espresso enthusiasts who want to grind their coffee at home without breaking the bank.

Another strength of Compak is their ability to infuse modern elements into their designs. They stay current with the times to remain competitive in the industry. Compak features different coffee grinder lines such as their Bolt, On Demand, Traditional, Mini Pro lines including their multipurpose grinders: the PK Series and Shop Models.

Notable grinder models from Compak

E10 Conic- From Compak’s On Demand line of espresso grinders that possess easy-to-use operation, technological advancements, and sleek designs. The E10 Conic features 68mm Conical Burrs, a Cooling fan, an LCD Display, and a 800W Motor that has a cold grinding option at lower revolutions (up to 350 rpm).

K10- The K10 is specifically designed for high-volume coffee shops. It can effortlessly process 35-40 pounds of coffee beans in an hour. With a doser hopper, it grinds and dispenses espresso into a container. This is particularly handy for busy coffee shops, enabling them to prepare in advance and have espresso ready in case of an influx of customers. 

PK100- The Compak PK100 features a sleek single-dose hopper that can hold about 55 grams of coffee. It has large 98-mm burrs powered by a 500-watt, 230-volt motor running at 900 RPM. Its design minimizes leftover grinds to less than half a gram between doses.

The burr sets have an innovative "blind" design with partial holes on the back, allowing them to attach to the burr carrier without screws. This avoids interruptions in the cutting surfaces, reducing waste and improving particle distribution. Additionally, the unique cutting patterns aim to enhance extraction yields and emphasize flavors and aromas.

K3 Touch Advanced- The Compak K3 Touch Advanced doserless coffee grinder stands out with its sleek design, making it unique among mid-range grinders. It's suitable for home and commercial use, featuring a large bean hopper to prevent jams and accommodating common filter holder sizes, allowing for hands-free operation.

This professional grinder ensures precise Espresso granulometry and high productivity with its intuitive control system. Key features include:

  • Easy Grinding Adjustment: The grinder offers continuous grinding adjustment for quick and hassle-free fineness changes.
  • Quality for Home Use: Designed for minimal heat transfer, the grinder's 58 mm flat burrs maintain freshness. It has a 0.5 kg bean capacity, suitable for moderate home or commercial use.
  • Versatile Dosing: The Compak K3 Touch Advanced offers single, double, or continuous dosing options with an accessible handle. It supports a timer function and allows manual coffee quantity adjustments.