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small home espresso machine

1 Group & 2 Group Compact Espresso Machine

Single-group espresso machines, commonly referred to as single-group or 1 group espresso machines, are espresso machines that have a single group head which allows the production of only one espresso drink at a time. These versatile and compact espresso machines are perfect for low volume cafés and restaurants, home and small spaces.

Benefits of Single Group Espresso Machines

Size and Portability: Single-group espresso machines are relatively small and lightweight compared to multi-group commercial machines, making them ideal for small spaces. They are also portable for effortless handling and transportation.

Simplicity: These machines are typically simpler in design and operation compared to larger multi-group machines. The manual and semi-automatic versions are suitable for baristas or coffee enthusiasts who want more control over the espresso-making process.

Espresso Output: Single-group machines are capable of producing only one or two espresso shots at a time. This level of output is suitable for coffee carts, coffee trailers and specialty coffee shops with low-medium traffic. If you're running a busier establishment, you should opt for larger commercial espresso machines with multiple group heads for higher production capacity.

Price: Single-group espresso machines are also generally more affordable than larger multi-group machines. They can be a great option for small businesses and home users looking to produce high-quality espresso without the sizable investment required for larger setups.

Whenever you’re choosing a single-group espresso machine, consider factors such as the volume of espresso you'll be crafting, your budget, setting, as well as the level of control you want over the brewing process.

What is a Group Head on Espresso Machines? 

Simply speaking, the area where your portafilter attaches to on your espresso machine is the group head also known as, group. It is perhaps the most integral part of the extraction process as it is where the hot water dispenses into the coffee filter basket. There are several types of group heads including the E61 or thermosyphon, saturated, and electrically heated groups.