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The Slayer Espresso V3 machine is a dream machine for any aficionado who’s never used one, uncompromisingly manual with flow-rate control and a multi-boiler setup.

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    The Slayer Espresso V3

    The newest version of Slayer’s flagship espresso machine, the V3 was designed explicitly to give the barista absolute control of extraction and flavor profiling, treating the user as an artist. Each update since the V1 has been to enhance the reliability and longevity of its parts, while maintaining all the characteristics of the beloved original. For its impressive look, manual control, high temperature stability and multi-boiler setup, the Slayer V3 is not an average machine for an average cafe - it is perfect for those serious about serving specialty coffee and who are willing to put in the energy to do so with endless rewards.


    Key Features

    Individual brew boilers with pre-heated water - ensures exceptional temperature stability shot after shot.

    Programmable temperature (PID) - adjustable in 0.1° increments, per group head.

    Pre-infusion capabilities - maximize even extraction and reduce channeling – a necessity for super special / single origin espresso.

    Unique design - shot mirrors to monitor extraction, and ergonomic lever-actuated steam handles.

    Needle valve - for restricted water flow rate that allows for a finer grind.


    Installation Requirements

    Professional installation required

    220V outlet - see manual instructions

    Water filtration - see manual instructions

    Pressure regulator may be necessary if water pressure is too high - see manual instructions

    We’re happy to advise on any of the above requirements




    Boiler TypeMulti-boiler
    Steam Boiler Capacity7.4 lt12 lt
    Width (in):30.5”40.5"
    Depth (in):26.6”
    Height (in):17"
    Wattage:5700 - 6900 watts7300 - 8700 watts
    Weight220 lbs305 lbs
    CertificationCE, NSF