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The KVDW Spirit is a state of the art multi-expresso boiler machine. Developed with ergonomics and demands of very high output espresso bars in mind.

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The Kees Van Der Westen Spirit

The Spirit represents the apex of Kees' hand crafted line of espresso machines. The machine is truly stunning, making it an exceptional show piece for the bar. Featuring two external pumps, multiple steam boilers with over-rated heating elements, and precise temperature control of each boiler, it's designed to exceed the requirements of even the most exacting coffee programs. With all that power, the built-in eco-mode ensures power efficiency during low-demand periods.



Key Standard Features

Heat exchange + Multi-boiler technology - The Spirit has one large steam boiler and exceptionally large independent brew boilers (2.1 ltr) for each group head. Brew boilers are fed by water preheated via heat exchanger for exceptional temperature stability

Independent PID Control - Each boiler is algorithmically controlled and programmable via digital display

Saturated group heads - ensures consistent temperature from boiler to coffee puck 

Equipped with 2 external pumps - One feeds steam boiler and one feeds the brew boilers. This ensures group head brew pressure isn’t impacted by refilling the steam boiler

Shot timers in full view above each group - makes perfect shot times easy to track

Pre-infusion pressure profiling - pressure slowly ramps up to 9 bars, minimizing channeling and producing more consistent extraction

Illuminated rear panel - showcase the Spirit or customize with your own cafe logo

Intuitive operation by levers - two programmable shot volumes for simple usage

Energy saving Eco mode - temperature can be programmed to drop during off-peak hours to save energy; each boiler can be switched on and off separately

Auto-back-flush program - groups pressurize and discharge multiple times for an internal wash-out

Self-bleeding groups - shutdown cleaning is quick and easy

Heat neutral polymer dispersion block - outside parts stay cool and easy to clean

Integrated safety features - heavily protected heating element, additional temperature probe and 120s time-out of solenoid to protect staff and customers from accidents

Elevated position of body - easy cleaning of bar surface, yet low enough to allow comfortable barista-customer contact


Customizations and Optional Features

Idro-matic pre-infusion - This adjustable progressive pre-infusion cylinder offers a wide variation of starting pressures to play with.

Volumetric Touchpad - four more automatic shot volumes can be readily selected

Batone lever -  program two doses to easily activate brewing, also a continuous does button

Flip flop steam valves - enhanced ergonomics and ease of use.

Customize rear panel with your logo

Panel and leg customization options

Custom color options.


Installation Requirements

Professional installation required

Water filtration - see manual instructions

Pressure regulator may be necessary if water pressure is too high - see manual instructions

We’re happy to advise on any of the above requirements




Kees Van Der Westen

Boiler Type

Preheated Multi-Boiler

Steam Boiler Capacity10.5 lt19.5 lt
Brew boiler Capacity2.1 lt x 2 boilers2.1 lt x 3 boilers
Length:45.3” 49.6” 
Depth:28" 28" 
Weight198.5 lbs275.6 lbs