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Kees Van Der Westen Slim Jim - Pro Coffee Gear
Kees Van Der Westen Slim Jim - Pro Coffee Gear
Load image into Gallery viewer, Kees Van Der Westen Slim Jim - Pro Coffee Gear
Load image into Gallery viewer, Kees Van Der Westen Slim Jim - Pro Coffee Gear

Slim Jim


KVDW’s Slim Jim signature espresso machine is built with high-end Spirit and classic Mirage.

Includes Free Shipping, a 12-month parts warranty, and lifetime Pro Support for the Kees Van Der Westen Products.

  • Auto-Volumetric
  • Multi-Boiler
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The Kees Van Der Westen Slim Jim

The KVDW Slim Jim is a riff on the Mirage by including many of the high-end features from the Spirit. Filling the gap between these two pieces of equipment, this espresso machine features a multi-boiler setup, perfect for a cafe interested in serving specialty coffees brewed at their best. The Slim Jim provides many custom offerings in both features and design to ensure it meets exactly what you’re looking for - with the performance and high quality build you expect out of a Kees Van Der Westen machine.


You can customize your Slim Jim then share with us your creation to get a quotation.


Key Features

Pre-infusion chamber - pre-infuses the coffee cake at a lower pressure for efficient, consistent extraction

Volumetric control - stops automatically after brewing the programmed shot volume

Electronic temperature control system - boiler pressure is programmable on LCD screen and utilizes a PID, improving steam pressure and extraction temperature stability

Multi-boiler - set three independent temperatures for the steam boiler, the brew boiler, and the saturated group head

Mixed hot water dispenser - able to output lower temperature hot water for teas and americanos.


Optional Features

Batone levers - program two doses to easily activate brewing, also a continuous does button

Foot activated steam valve - hands free steam control using the reactive pedal

Flip flop steam valves - enhanced ergonomics and ease of use

Adjustable restrictors - control brew temperature via controlling heat exchange water mix


Installation Requirements

Professional installation required

220-240V outlet - see manual instructions

Water filtration - see manual instructions

Pressure regulator may be necessary if water pressure is too high - see manual instructions

We’re happy to advise on any of the above requirements



Kees Van Der Western

Boiler Type


Number of group heads23
Coffee Boiler Capacity2 x 0.8 lt3 x 0.8 lt
Steam Boiler Capacity10.5 lt10.5 lt
Length (in):93 cm93 cm
Depth (in):71 cm71 cm
Height (in):41 cm41 cm
Weight:125 kg125 kg


About Kees van der Westen

Kees van der Westen espresso machines are renowned for their premium quality and innovative design. Founded by Kees van der Westen, the Dutch company produces high-end machines like the iconic "Speedster" and the customizable "Mirage." Praised for their precision, reliability, and aesthetic appeal, these machines are favored by specialty coffee professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. Despite their premium price, they're considered worth the investment for their exceptional performance and craftsmanship.