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Eversys Enigma E Choco Tempest Pro Coffee Gear



The E'CHOCO is a unique powder module. It isn’t just limited to chocolate powder, it also works with any powder you wish to utilise to make a hot beverage with.

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The Eversys Enigma E'Choco

Eversys cares about blending real flavours, smells, and innovative technology. The E'Choco is an extension of the Enigma/Classic design but used for hot chocolate instead. A completely unique chocolate module, which isn't just limited to chocolate powder, as it also works with any powder you wish to utilise to make a hot beverage with.

To use with Eversys Enigma E'4m or the E-BARISTA machines only.


Installation Requirements

Only setup on the left side of the Enigma. 

220-240V outlet - see Datasheet instructions. 

Mechanical configurations - See Datasheet instructions.



Powder Containers2 x 3.30 lb
Weigth:50.70 lb
Voltage:24 V provided by the Enigma

About Eversys

The mission at Eversys is to create "true espresso with a touch". They do this through the optimization of technology and blend it with traditional barista customs. Eversys believes that Espresso is the true essence of the bean, and their mission is to reveal it, drink after drink.