Faema E61 Legend - Espresso Machine – Pro Coffee Gear

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Faema E61 Legend- Pro Coffee Gear
Faema E61 Legend- Pro Coffee Gear
Load image into Gallery viewer, Faema E61 Legend- Pro Coffee Gear
Load image into Gallery viewer, Faema E61 Legend- Pro Coffee Gear


Faema's heritage-design machine, the E61 Legend is incredibly robust for quality coffee.

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    • Semi-Automatic
    • Heat Exchanger
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    The Faema E61 Legend

    This machine holds a special place in history as the first from Faema, originally introduced in 1961, using a volumetric pump to reach 9 atmospheres of pressure. The updated E61 is available in the semi-automatic version “Legend" which features dosed hot water and beverage selections. Technically updated, this machine uses the same materials and design from the sixties to continue the legacy of the classic model.


    Key Features

    Semi-automatic - The "Legend" model features an automated pump to engage and disengage the pump - you decide when to turn the pump on and off.

    Automatic boiler fill The Smart Boiler technology significantly increases the performance levels of hot water and steam, while optimizing the water level in the boiler and ensuring the thermal balance for a perfect result in the cup even under peak usage times.

    Volumetric pump - first of its kind in 1961, introduces 9 atmospheres of pressure

    Adjustable group thermal balancing system Complete thermal control that allows adjusting the temperature of each coffee group easily to adapt it to any coffee blend or single origin


    Installation Requirements

    208-240V outlet - see manual instructions

    Water filtration - see manual instructions

    Pressure regulator may be necessary if water pressure is too high - see manual instructions

    We’re happy to advise on any of the above requirements



    Boiler TypeHeat Exchanger
    Number of group heads2
    Steam Boiler Capacity11 lt17.5 lt
    Length (in):28.1“37.6”
    Depth (in):21.3" 21.3" 
    Height (in):22.2”22.2”
    Weight132 lbs176 lbs
    CertificationCE, UL, NSF

    About FAEMA

    FAEMA, founded by Carlo Ernesto Valente in Milan, Italy, in 1945, specializes in crafting espresso machines. It became a symbol of Italy's post-war manufacturing surge, driven by a commitment to technological advancement. In 1961, FAEMA launched the E61, revolutionizing espresso machines with several pioneering features still standard today. Among them was a new grouphead design that maintained warmth by circulating water from the boiler through a thermosyphon circuit.