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The Barista Attitude Astoria Tempesta combines exceptional craftsmanship with advanced technology, offering extensive customization for each drink. It features adjustable preinfusion, pressure, and temperature controls at each group head, ensuring perfect coffee extraction. Renowned for its world-class temperature stability and precision, the Tempesta is the official machine of the World Barista Championship until 2025. Globally, the Tempesta is also a member of the Storm family of espresso machines.

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  • Multi-Boiler
  • Auto-Volumetric

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The Astoria Tempesta Multi-Boiler 

The Tempesta has a multi-boiler system that can compete with some of the best machines in the industry. This Astoria machine is a blend of craftsmanship and high technology. Thanks to the Tempesta, baristas are free to express themselves and explore their capacity for experimentation through simple and comfortable actions.

AutoSteam not available. 

Key Features 

Multi-boiler - Independent brew boilers, a capacious insulated steam boiler with tons of steam power, and adjustable heaters in each group to further manage the brewing system temperature.

Volumetric Controls- The volumetric programs also include a timed pre-infusion stage of up to 10 seconds. With 6 shot profiles at your disposal, you can set and pull any style of shot you wish. Each group also features a mechanical button right above the portafilter handle, making it effortless to lock in and pull a shot in one motion. The button can be programmed to pull a standard double, run in continuous flow mode, or to run a quick flush of water through the group to clear any residual grinds.

Energy Saving: Features eco modes to save on energy usage. The machine can be set to revert to a low power, standby mode on a schedule or manually, and it can even learn to automatically distribute power where it is needed based on usage. By limiting power use overnight and during slow periods, the Tempesta is capable of reducing energy costs by up to 47%.

Cool touch steam wand - Anti-burning feature even in conditions of prolonged use.

5" touchscreen Display: Allows you to pull a shot, run a backflush cycle, and program your recipes during your morning dial-in a snap. On top of that, the displays offer an unprecedented look at live espresso performance, with a live graph of both pressure and flow rate for each shot you pull.

Installation Requirements

Professional installation required

208v-240v outlet - see manual instructions

Water filtration - see manual instructions

Pressure regulator may be necessary if water pressure is too high - see manual instructions

We’re happy to advise on any of the above requirements


Boiler TypeMulti-boiler
Coffee Boiler 1.2 lt x 21.2 lt x 3
Steam Boiler8.5 lt8.5 lt
Weight187 lb321 lb



CertificateC-UL-US + NSF

About the Astoria brand

Astoria was founded in 1969 in Susegana, Italy, by Nello Dal Tio. They began with a focus on producing traditional espresso machines and quickly gained a reputation for their quality and durability. As demand grew, Astoria expanded globally. They embraced technological advancements like heat exchange systems and electronic controls, becoming increasingly popular in the coffee industry. In the 1990s, Astoria was acquired by the CMA Group, leading to further innovations and growth. Today, Astoria is known for reliable, high-performance machines used by baristas worldwide.