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Prosumer Espresso Machines

What are Prosumer Espresso Machines?

Prosumer coffee machines are characterized by their ability to cater to both professional and consumer users, blending features from both realms. These espresso machines are tailored for household use but incorporate professional-grade components and functionalities. Ideal for aficionados who cherish the intricacies of coffee preparation, Prosumer machines offer control over every aspect, from boiler temperature to drink intensity and length.

Now, let's delve into the primary attributes of Prosumer coffee machines:

Firstly, they typically feature either a heat exchange boiler or a dual boiler system. These technologies enable consecutive extractions alongside simultaneous steam production, making them ideal for efficiently preparing milk-based beverages.

Moreover, Prosumer machines often come equipped with built-in pressure gauges, empowering users to monitor water and steam pressure closely, ensuring precise control.

Professional-grade steam wand systems ensure optimal milk frothing, essential for crafting perfect cappuccinos and other specialty drinks.

Prosumer machines commonly incorporate a pre-infusion function, which gently saturates ground coffee with water just before extraction from the filter holder, resulting in more uniform extraction.

Furthermore, these machines frequently employ rotary pumps, offering quieter operation compared to vibration pumps and quicker pressure buildup. Rotary pumps also facilitate direct connection to a water line, bypassing the need for a water tank.