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An Espresso machine is the cornerstone of a successful cafe operation and a valuable highlight to any restaurant dining experience. But which one is right for you? At Pro Coffee Gear we have deep technical... Read More

commercial espresso machines

Commercial Espresso Machines

An Espresso machine is the cornerstone of a successful cafe operation and a valuable highlight to any restaurant dining experience. But which one is right for you? At Pro Coffee Gear we have deep technical expertise across every brand of commercial espresso machine and carry hundreds of machines in our warehouse in Austin, Texas. So stay a while and explore, or fast-track your search by scheduling some time with us to tailor the right equipment for your needs.

Looking for a reliable commercial espresso machine for your café or restaurant? Pro Coffee Gear is here to supply you with your coffee shop needs! Choose from our inventory of both brand new and refurbished commercial machines for all sorts of coffee operations. From budget friendly heat exchangers to high-end multi-boilers with advanced temperature profiling, we at Pro Coffee Gear offer a wide array of home espresso machines and commercial espresso machine brands such as Rocket, Sanremo, Wega, Astoria, La Marzocco, Victoria Arduino and a whole lot more!


What are Commercial Espresso Machines?

These machines are high-end coffee-making equipment made for use in professional settings, such as coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, and hotels. These machines are designed to produce high-quality espresso swiftly and consistently, rendering them essential for businesses that want to serve top-quality coffee to their patrons.

They come in a range of sizes and configurations, but they all normally feature a group head, a portafilter, a boiler, and a steam wand. The group head is the part of the machine where the espresso is extracted, while the portafilter is the device that holds the coffee grounds. The boiler heats the water to the correct temperature, and the steam wand is used to froth milk for lattes and cappuccinos. Other models also feature programmable settings, cool touch-autosteam wands, and automatic cleaning cycles to make them more efficient and easier to use. 

Choosing a Commercial Espresso Machine for your Business

Selecting your preferred espresso machine can seem like a daunting task especially if you aren’t familiar with the various types and features. Don’t fret. Here are some of the main considerations when selecting a commercial espresso machine that’ll help you produce high-quality coffee:

Volume output: The first thing you have to consider. If your coffee shop is located in a busy area with lots of foot traffic, you will probably need an auto-volumetric multi-boiler with multiple group heads to keep up with the demand. If you plan to open a kiosk-type cafe, a semi-automatic heat exchanger with a single group head might do.

Budget: Commercial machines can range in price from a couple thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, so remember to have a budget in mind before you start shopping. Determine how much you are willing to spend and look for machines that fit within your price range.

Brand reputation: Look for brands that are well-known and have a good reputation for quality and durability. Read reviews from other businesses to get an idea of the machine's reliability and performance.

Features: Consider the features that are important to your business, such as programmable dosing, pressure profiling, pre-infusion, automatic cleaning cycles, and autosteam wands. There are also super-automatic machines that come with built-in grinders that can save space and streamline the espresso-making process.

Maintenance and Support: Look for machines that are easy to maintain and come with good support from the manufacturer. See to it that you understand the maintenance requirements and the cost of replacement parts.

Size and Design: Finally, consider the size and design of the machine. Espresso machines come in various shapes and sizes. You can avail of a compact machine or those that have barista profile height, so make sure you select one that fits your space and aesthetic preferences.