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My Mythos 85
My Mythos 85
My Mythos 85
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My Mythos 85


Featuring a sleek design with an LCD touchscreen near the portafilter fork, the Victoria Arduino My Mythos 85 boasts enhancements like dual cooling fans to maintain espresso temperature in busy settings. Improved clump-crusher and outlet spout ensure consistency and minimal waste, while easy access to the 85mm flat burrs simplifies cleanup. The MYG85 gravimetric version features upgraded programming and built-in scale.

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  • Flat Burrs

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The Victoria Arduino My Mythos

The My Mythos was developed to define a new idea of precision and control. Now, the time has come to set a new level of grinding perfection. Improved user experience with new integrated touchscreen display, simplified logic, enhancing experience, absolute control with even more stable temperature, even easier maintenance, even better precision and control, and new design with an iconic design outside, more efficient inside the pride of Mythos is expressed in every detail. 

Key Features

Functionality with a Single Touch:The new touchscreen display is even more user-friendly. Baristas can easily change setting, read all the information needed, and maintain total control of the grinder.

Programming Logic:Intuitive programming logic makes service smoother and more hassle-free, allowing coffee professionals to focus on consistency and quality.

Perfect Flow and Zero Waste: My Mythos further improves its clump crusher and outlet spout, by simplifying and reinforcing it to guarantee perfect flow of ground coffee in the filter. The new filter-holder hook design sends ground coffee into the filter thus minimizing waste. Mythos native and patented technology that meets the needs of the modern coffee professionals: maximum consistency, zero waste and ease of maintenance.

Immediate Accessibility:Cleaning and maintenance operations are now more simple and accessible. We have reduced the number of screws to access the heart of the machine and have improved direct visibility to the key functioning parts of Mythos.

Double Coolness: We were the first to install two fans instead of one, and again the first to mount them both on the back. This provides for ideal airflow inside of the grind chamber. Counter space is a premium for cafes. If you need to use several grinders at the same time for different needs, now each grinder can be set side by side. A wall of excellence at your service


What makes each model unique:

Gravimentric Version: 
The gravimetric version has an upgraded programming and built-in scale. These features create a much faster workflow for grinding and weighting coffee.

Timed Version:
 A timed grinder doses the coffee by running for a predetermined amount of time. The idea is to get a consistent dose by controlling the grinding time.

What's Included?

Victoria Arduino My Mythos espresso grinder

12-Month Parts Warranty

Free shipping within the contiguous US

Lifetime Pro Support





Victoria Arduino 

Burr Type

Flat titanium-coated steel burrs

Burr diameter


Burr speed (gram/sec)

4 - 4.5

Coffee bean hopper

1.5 kg


195 mm 


396 mm 


479 mm




750 W


60.62 lbs




About Victoria Arduino

Victoria Arduino, a brand under the Nuova Simonelli Group in Belforte Chienti, Italy, has a history spanning over a hundred years. Founded in 1905 by Pier Teresio Arduino from Turin, its coffee machines, adorned with the "golden eagle" feature, played a significant role in popularizing the consumption of espresso in refined establishments. To this day, Victoria Arduino espresso machines and coffee grinders feature both exquisite design and technology, making it a favorite by a new generation of specialty coffee shops.