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Flow Rate Regulator Kit E61

Flow Rate Regulator Kit E61


Take control of your espresso shots like a true barista with profitec flow control. Pre-infuse, slow a sho, the options are endless. Flow control regulator for the Profitec Pro400, Pro500, Pro600 and Pro700

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The ECM Flow Rate Regulator 

 The Coffee Sensor Flow Restrictor Device for E61 groupheads empowers you to fine-tune water flow within your E61 grouphead, enabling manual extraction profiling. This innovative device features a special needle valve that adjusts water flow using two unique handles, allowing users to control the amount of water passing through the grouphead.

Designed for compatibility with standard E61 groupheads, this product is not suitable for specific mushroom models from Vibiemme, certain modified Lelit groupheads, and others. The flow modification directly influences pressure, reflected in real-time on the included  pressure gauge that easily attaches to the group's front. Installation is straightforward with the gauge's direct M6 thread on the back.