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ELF Cat Carbon Scale Inhibitor Pro Coffee Gear
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The ELF-Series of filters from Omnipure was designed specifically for the higher volume requirements of the food service industry. 

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ELF Cat Carbon Scale Inhibitor

The ELF Cat Carbon Scale Inhibitor are a type of water treatment technology used to prevent and control the formation of scale in water systems, particularly those that use carbon-based filters. This can lead to reduced water flow, decreased energy efficiency, and even equipment damage over time.They do not remove the minerals from the water but modify their behavior so that they are less likely to precipitate and adhere to surfaces. One significant advantage of catalytic carbon scale inhibitors is that they do not require the use of chemicals or electricity, making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions for scale prevention. Additionally, they do not produce any wastewater or byproducts, making them more sustainable compared to some traditional water treatment methods.

*Filterhead Not Included


Read the Performance Data Sheet and compare the capabilities of this unit with your actual water treatment needs.
It is recommended that, before purchasing a water filter unit, you have your water supply tested to determine your
actual water treatment needs.





15k Gallons 

5k Gallons 

Micron Rating

 >99% @ 1 

 >99% @ 1 m

Filter Dimensions

3.5” O.D. x 15.0” L

3.125@ O.D. x 2.875@ I.D. x 17.5@ L

Chlorine Reduction >95% Scale Reduction

20,000 gallons @ 2 GPM 6 Months

10,000 gallons @ 2 GPM

Cyst, Cryptosporidium, Giardia Reduction >99.95%

20,000 gallons @ 2 GPM >99.99%


Chloramines Reduction

1,000 Gallons @ 2 GPM

1,000 gallons @ 2 GPM

Initial P

<5.0 psig @ 2 GPM

<5.0 psi @ 1 GPM

Carbon Weight

1.3 lbs.


Carbon Type

Activated Carbon