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Astoria Plus 4 You 2 Group- Pro Coffee Gear
Astoria Plus 4 You 2 Group- Pro Coffee Gear
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Astoria Plus 4 You 2 Group- Pro Coffee Gear

Plus 4 You


This Astoria Plus 4 You commercial espresso machine's energy saving features and temperature stable multi-boiler system allows you to constantly craft quality espresso at a substantially discounted price!

Professionally renewed and ready to go! Includes Free Shipping, a 12-Month parts warranty, and lifetime Pro Support.

  • Multi-Boiler
  • Auto-Volumetric
  • Tall Cup

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The Astoria Plus 4 You

The Astoria Plus 4 You commercial espresso machine features a multi-boiler system, with a large, dedicated steam boiler and independent brew boilers for each group. And because each boiler, as well as each group head, can be set to a desired temperature, this machine produces a more consistent quality of espresso shot. It is also the first espresso machine in Astoria’s “Green Line.” With this patented software, the machine learns the workload requirements of various times of the day and uses that information to activate functions only when they are needed.


Key Features

Volumetric Control- features programmable volumetric dosing buttons, automating workflow and ensuring shot consistency. 

Multi-Boiler- dedicated brew and steam boilers for consistent espresso temperature

Tall Cup- easily fits tall sized cups and a stainless steel tray for shorter cups. 

Electronic temperature control system - boiler pressure is programmable on LCD screen and utilizes a PID, improving steam pressure and extraction temperature stability. 

Energy saving features- thanks to an innovative software that manages the automatic standby system during breaks, the night energy saving feature and the intelligent adjustment of the temperature. Plus 4 You distributes power only if and where needed.

Installation Requirements

Professional installation required

208-240V outlet - see manual instructions

Water filtration - see manual instructions

Pressure regulator may be necessary if water pressure is too high - see manual instructions

We’re happy to advise on any of the above requirements


Boiler TypeMulti-Boiler
Number of group heads2
Steam Boiler Capacity8.45 lt
Length (in):31.2"
Depth (in):22" 
Height (in):22.8" 
Weight162 lbs