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Mechanika VI Slim Pro Coffee Gear

Mechanika VI Slim


The ECM Mechanika VI Slim is the latest iteration in ECM’s line of compact, luxury heat exchange espresso machines, and is now fitted with a three-position switch for added temperature stability and the ability to switch between preset temperatures.

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  • Heat-Exchanger

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The ECM Mechanika VI Slim

The ECM Mechanika VI Slim espresso machine is a compact yet powerful heat exchanger with a number of cosmetic and mechanical improvements over its previous iteration. With a width of less than 10 inches, the ECM Mechanika VI Slim is a heat exchanger espresso machine that retains the sleek stylings and 2.2L boiler of previous Mechanika versions, while improving upon its predecessors with updates like an all-new three-position control switch to easily select one of three preset boiler temperatures, as well as the ability to turn pre-infusion and ECO mode on or off

Key Features 

Heat Exchange Boiler – Allows simultaneous brewing and steaming, reducing downtime. They provide consistent water temperature for optimal espresso extraction, offer quick steam generation, and are known for their reliability and ease of use

Semi-Automatic Control - Users manually start and stop the extraction process, allowing customization of coffee volume and strength. These machines are user-friendly, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced baristas who want a hands-on approach to espresso brewing.

Compact Design - doesn't require much space, fitting comfortably beneath standard ketchen cabinetry, still leaving plenty of room on the counter.

E61 Brew Group - constantly heated with water from the thermosyphon system providing temperture stability.

Handmade & High-End Design - built in mirror-finished, stainless-steel panels and rests on a piece of internal-steel frame, preventing bending or bowing during shipping.


What's included 

  • ECM Single Spout Portafilter

  • ECM Double Spout Portafilter

  • Single Shot Filter Basket

  • Double Shot Filter Basket

  • Backflush Disc

  • 58mm Flat Tamper with Steel Base

  • Brew Group Cleaning Brush

  • User Manual

Installation Requirements

110-120V outlet - see manual instructions

Water filtration - see manual instructions

Pressure regulator may be necessary if water pressure is too high - see manual instructions

We’re happy to advise on any of the above requirements


Boiler TypeHeat Exchanger
Boiler Size2.2 lt
Weight55.5 lbs


About ECM brand

ECM's journey commenced 25 years back when founder Wolfgang Hauck, in collaboration with ECM S.p.A from Italy, envisioned crafting heat exchanger espresso machines for upscale households. Drawing from years of expertise as an exclusive importer of renowned Italian brands like Gaggia and Cimbali, Hauck's ambition to create durable espresso machines using professional-grade components materialized in 1996 with the debut of the "ECM Technika." As demand surged for household machines with Italian espresso bar character, ECM's range expanded, initially assembling machines in Italy. 


In 2005, the collaboration with its Italian counterpart ceased, leading to a relocation of design, construction, and production to Germany. Today, ECM operates at two locations, manufacturing various models with meticulous care. In 2009, Michael Hauck, Wolfgang's son, joined, infusing the company with fresh ideas. Their passion for espresso extends beyond their products, evident in their private museum housing a collection of historic espresso devices.