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F83 E XGi


A prime electronic coffee grinder innovated to dispense calibrated coffee in grams with built in algorithm to ensure each shot's precision and consistency.

Includes free shipping, a 12-month parts warranty, and Lifetime Pro Support.

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The Fiorenzato F83 E XGi

Fiorenzato utilizes their grinder expertise in their top line XGi series. The XGi is perfect if you’re searching for an easy-to-use, primary coffee grinder - particularly for its consistent dosages by weight (in grams). The F83 E XGi has large flat burrs and includes their advanced dosing system, setting it once will provide a consistent amount of coffee grounds. This is not only a dream to use, but will also look great on your bench.


What's Included?

Fiorenzato F83 E XGi espresso grinder

12-Month Parts Warranty

Free shipping within the contiguous US

Lifetime Pro Support


Key Features

XGi, Grind-by-weight - Set the grinder once, dosing will provide the exact right amount of ground coffee in grams

Stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment - Maximum control to dial in your grind size

Portafilter fork - Holds your portafilter to dose into directly, also adjustable and removal for filling other containers

Touch display - easily configure and monitor settings

Motor cooling fan - Improved heat ventilation for better grind size consistency and to protect the flavour of your beans

M340 steel burrs - easily polishable, highly resistant to corrosion



Burr TypeFlat
Burr diameter83 mm
Burr speed1350 rpm (50 Hz) – 1550 rpm (60 Hz)
Coffee bean hopper1.5 kg
Width:255 mm 
Depth:310 mm 
Height:700 mm
Wattage:650 watt
Weight:41 lbs