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Bolt 83
Bolt 83
Bolt 83
Bolt 83
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Bolt 83


The Bolt 83 is designed to satisfy the demands of coffee professionals, the Bolt offers two functional modes: Predose and Fresh. Quick and easy access to the grind chamber without losing the grind point configuration. This facilitates burr access for changing and cleaning.

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The Compak Bolt 83

Introducing the Bolt 83 coffee grinder, crafted to meet the exacting standards of coffee professionals. This grinder features dual functional modes: Predose for consistent, ready-to-brew grinds and Fresh for grinding on demand, ensuring peak flavor. Its design allows for quick and easy access to the grind chamber, enabling swift burr changes and cleaning without disturbing your grind settings. Equipped with durable, long-lasting tempered steel burrs (100Cr6) suitable for food use, the Bolt 83 can handle up to 800 kg of coffee, making it a powerhouse in both durability and performance.


Key Features

Flat 83 mm Burrs: These large burrs are precision-engineered to consistently produce the exact grind size needed for the perfect espresso. They not only optimize the grinding speed but also help preserve the coffee’s delicate flavors. Designed to handle up to 800 kg of coffee. 

2.8” High-Tech Touchscreen: With a user-friendly interface that supports multiple languages, this touchscreen simplifies the grinder’s operation. It features a burr change reminder, dose counters, and a screensaver. For added security, settings can be protected with a password.

Direct Access to the Grinding Chamber: This practical feature allows for easy cleaning or burr replacement without altering your grind settings. The precise adjustment system ensures consistent grind quality, making maintenance straightforward and stress-free.

2 Front LEDs: These bright LEDs illuminate the portafilter area, enhancing visibility for accurate dosing. They flash to indicate when the coffee dose is complete, adding a modern touch to the grinding process.

Adjustable Portafilter Support: This feature allows you to adjust the support to fit various portafilter sizes, promoting a hands-free operation that is efficient and user-friendly. This adaptability helps streamline the coffee preparation process.

Motor 630 W to 1,310 rpm: Robust and reliable, this motor is designed for heavy use in commercial settings without sacrificing the coffee's flavor quality. It maintains a consistent performance level, even during peak hours.

Predosis and Fresh Mode: Choose between pre-ground coffee for immediate needs or freshly ground coffee for maximum freshness. This versatility enhances the coffee service, allowing for both quick servings and tailor-made, freshly ground brews.

What's Included?

Compak Bolt 83 espresso grinder

12-Month Parts Warranty

Free shipping within the contiguous US

Lifetime Pro Support


Manufacturer:                                                                        Compak
Burr TypeFlat
Burr diameter83 mm
Burr speed1310 rpm
Coffee bean hopper1.2 kg
Width:230 mm 
Depth:385 mm 
Height:660 mm
Wattage:630 watt
Weight:17,01 Kg
Certification: CE, ETL