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F18SB Machine
San Remo F18SB
F18SB San Remo Machine
Sleek Design F18
The San Remo
The San Remo F18SB
Great design San Remo F18SB
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Load image into Gallery viewer, San Remo F18SB
Load image into Gallery viewer, F18SB San Remo Machine
Load image into Gallery viewer, Sleek Design F18
Load image into Gallery viewer, The San Remo
Load image into Gallery viewer, The San Remo F18SB
Load image into Gallery viewer, Great design San Remo F18SB


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Carrying over the same sleek design as the F18, this simplified model is powered by a thermosyphon heat exchange system.

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    The Sanremo F18SB

    The F18SB is for those looking for heat exchange internals paired with great design. The SB design is inspired by performance and military aircraft. In their lineup, based upon the feature set, the F18SB would sit below the F18, and above the Zoe Competition. Please inquire for a tall cup version, or cold-touch steam wands. 


    What's Included?

    Sanremo F18SB espresso machine


    Free shipping within the US

    Lifetime Pro Support


    Key Features

    Pre-infusion chamber, with control - pre-infuses the coffee cake at a lower pressure for efficient, consistent extraction; adjustable for barista’s control

    Volumetric control - stops automatically after brewing the programmed shot volume

    High Performance Volumetric Pump - Pressure stability also with prolonged and contemporary use of more than one group.

    Group Flushing - With a simple pressure of the button a small quantity of water is dispensed to allow the group to be always clean.

    Cup Warmer - Dedicated resistor to keep all the cups at the optimal temperature. Power level programmable by user.

    Electronic temperature control system - boiler pressure is programmable on LCD screen and utilizes a PID, improving steam pressure and extraction temperature stability.

    GROUP SR 61 - Chromed brass grouphead with thermosiphon circulation system optimized to maintain the ideal coffee extraction temperature.

    Insulated boiler - optimizes machine’s power efficiency to be eco-friendly and save on electricity costs up to 40%

    Mixed hot water dispenser - able to output lower temperature hot water for teas and americanos

    Ergonomic half-turn steam knob - 90 degrees range of motion to limit need for excess effort

    Automatic Cleaning Cycle - Process for coffee groups cleaning. Cleaning cycles number programmable.


    Optional Features:

    Autosteamer Steam wand - characterized by an electronic system which allows to froth milk and heat up beverages at a programmable temperature, different for every single function. Automatic cleaning cycle is included.

    Turbo Steam - Steam wand characterized by an electronic system that allows to mount and/or heat milk at the set temperature.

    Competition Filters - Exclusive San Remo design, with shape and volume designed to capture the best coffee aromas and fragrances.

    External Volumetric Pump

    Installation Requirements

    Professional installation required

    220-240V outlet - see manual instructions

    Water filtration - see manual instructions

    Pressure regulator may be necessary if water pressure is too high - see manual instructions



    Manufacturer:San Remo
    Boiler TypePreheated Multi-Boiler
    Number of group heads23
    Steam Boiler Capacity12 lt18 lt
    Length (in):35”42”
    Depth (in):25”25”
    Height (in):20.25”20.25”
    Weight:231.5 lbs267 lbs
    Certification:CE, UL